This strategy focuses on connecting people to skills, connecting job seekers to employers and connecting skilled workers from inside and outside our region to opportunity here. The Conference strives to meet the workforce needs of the region with two initiatives: one targeting supply and the other targeting demand.

Building a Globally Competitive Workforce

More than 270,000 Baby Boomers working here are eligible to retire over the next 10 years. If we do nothing, our region faces a shortage of about 100,000 skilled workers to replace them. Through its Workforce Steering Committee, the Conference in 2015 moved forward with several initiatives to address these challenges. We launched our 2014-2025 Occupational Supply and Demand Analysis, which will forecast workforce demand – as well as the available labor supply and talent pipeline – across all economic sectors through 2025. The results will be used to help the region better align education and training with market demand.

We Are Working on Solutions to Attract, Retain and Elevate Talent is the gateway to opportunity in the Pittsburgh region. It's a comprehensive database of more than 20,000 open jobs across all sectors. In 2015, reached a number of milestones in efforts to attract and retain talent:

We are Bridging the Soft Skills Gap and elevating talent in the region:

To help to retain more of the 40,000 individuals who graduate from our region’s colleges each year, we surveyed employers about the soft skills of their young professionals. We worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to develop a business plan for a potential pilot training program in soft skills at our colleges.

We Are Helping to Develop a Robust Energy and Manufacturing Talent Pipeline

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap

This comprehensive recruitment, training, placement and retention program for the oil and gas industry served 1,320 students in 2015.

Appalachia Partnership Initiative
A collaboration of Chevron Corp., the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, RAND Corp. and the Allegheny Conference, the Appalachia Partnership Initiative funds STEM education and workforce training and development for energy and manufacturing employers across southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio.

Service To Opportunity ®
An initiative that matches veterans with in-demand energy and advanced manufacturing jobs.